Cardano SL Explorer

This is an overview of Cardano SL Explorer service (hereafter referred to as “Explorer”).

Explorer is an online service for searching addresses, transactions, epochs and slots on the Cardano network.


It is possible to find information about users’ addresses. After inserting the address’ hash we’ll see:

  1. The number of transactions related to this address.
  2. The final balance on this address.
  3. The QR-code associated with this address.

Example of an address’ hash: 1fhXcTriF8i8FFSdCTaU9d3yp3oCLFQhon5KBkevT8rQDPP.


We can find information about a transaction. After inserting the transaction’s ID we’ll see:

  1. Transaction date and time.
  2. This transaction’s source address.
  3. This transaction’s address destination.
  4. The amount of ADA transferred within this transaction.
  5. Transaction fee.

The example of a transaction’s ID: fe0681c7fe20c27071befc329caac059bb183afaf68b9595744c52125c61cf68.


We can find information about transactions by the time as well. Now it’s possible to specify epoch and slot only. After inserting the epoch’s index and the slot’s index, we’ll see:

  1. The number of transactions for this slot.
  2. The total amount of ADA transferred during this slot.
  3. The size of the block generated within this slot.


It’s possible to get the information about a particular slot. After inserting the slot’s hash we’ll see:

  1. The number of transaction for this slot.
  2. The total output value.
  3. Estimated volume of ADA for this slot.
  4. Fees.
  5. The slot’s ID.

Furthermore, we’ll see information about hashes:

  1. This slot’s hash.
  2. The previous slot’s hash (if exists).
  3. The next slot’s hash (if exists).
  4. The Merkle root.