Getting started with the Marlowe Playground

The Marlowe Playground is the medium for end-to-end financial smart contract development. It provides a means for developers to not only write smart contract code, but to also perform preliminary iterative design using simulations, ability to formally verify, and ability to test smart contracts. These capabilities, paired with a purpose-built DSL for finance ensures that the contracts are easy and straightforward to build, secure, verifiable, and rigorously tested.

The playground is available to use so that you can develop, simulate, and test the process of writing smart contracts in a sandbox environment. Its purpose is to encourage all types of developers, even if you don’t have prior Haskell or Javascript experience, to build financial products. Marlowe is in the process of deployment on Cardano, however, the Marlowe Playground already provides an environment, where users can try out its functionality in advance of the full deployment. A set of tutorials is available that outlines example contracts and overview information on Marlowe and how contracts should be modelled.

There are three options that you can choose from when using the Marlowe Playground. You can write directly in Marlowe text, but also use the visual Blockly visual programming tool to create contracts by fitting together blocks that represent the different components.

Or you can choose to use either the embedded Haskell or Javascript editors to help you describe Marlowe contracts more readably and succinctly if you prefer. Once a contract is written, you can analyse its behaviour, such as checking whether any payments made by the contract could conceivably fail. You can also step through how a contract will behave, simulating the actions of the participants.

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