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Creating and managing a stake pool

First, you should install the node from source.

You can then proceed with the operational tasks for managing your stake pool.

Video lessons on how to create and manage a stake pool on the preview testnet:

  1. The setup
  2. Generating stake pool keys
  3. Registering the stake pool on-chain
  4. Stake pool's topology file, startup script and systemd
  5. Requesting delegation from the faucet and stake snapshots
  6. Stake pool operations part 1
  • Querying stake snapshot
  • Querying leadership schedule
  • Querying KES period information
  • Renewing KES keys and an operational certificate
  1. Stake pool operations part 2
  • Changing pool parameters
  • Withdrawing rewards
  1. Stake pool operations part 3

Supporting handbook material: