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Last updated on: June 24, 2023

Current node version: v.8.1.2
Release notes
Compatibility matrix

Access the cardano-node GitHub repository for more information.

Latest node details

This release is mainnet ready and has significant improvements at epoch boundary. All SPOs are strongly encouraged to update.

Node 8.1.2 is a minor release of the Cardano node, which updates the Plutus interpreter.

Overview of Cardano environments


Preview is the longer-term network environment for testing release candidates and expanded test scenarios. Preview is meant for DApps, SPOs, and exchanges wishing to test mature release candidates.

Preview configurations


Pre-production is the most mature network for testing purposes, resembling a production (mainnet) environment. It is meant for exchanges, SPOs, pre-deployment DApps, and wallets wishing to test release functionality before deploying on mainnet.

Pre-production configurations

Production (mainnet)

Production is the live network, also referred to as mainnet. It features official functionality releases. Exchanges, SPOs, DApps, wallets, and end users can use the mainnet for development, transaction processing, and other needs.

Production configurations

Learn more about Cardano environments here.

SPO tools and resources

Access tools and resources through the links below.


Testnets faucet
Staking calculator
Plutus fee estimator
Release notes
Compatibility matrix
Cardano ecosystem tools
Community-built developer tools
Cardano blockchain explorer
Cardano Assets
Cardano PoolTool


Development guidelines
Operating a stake pool
The node video course (includes SPO explainers) Tutorials
Support and feedback

SPO alliances

Guild Operators: a group of well-known and experienced community members that provides information about guild tools that simplify various stake ops (setting up, managing, and monitoring pools) for Cardano SPOs.
Cardano Single Pool Alliance (SPA): a group of separate SPOs who have vowed to run a single stake pool for the sole purpose of providing the Cardano ecosystem with true decentralization.
xSPO Alliance: a group of small SPOs that joined with a total live stake of less than one million ada each.

Communication channels

SPO Telegram announcements channel
SPO digest registration
IOG Technical Community Discord

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