Plutus FAQs

Q: What is Plutus Core?
A: Plutus Core is the scripting language used by Cardano to implement the EUTXO model. It is a simple, functional language similar to Haskell, and a large subset of Haskell can be used to write Plutus Core scripts.

Q: What tools are included in the Plutus platform?
A: The Plutus platform includes the Plutus Playground, the Plutus fee estimator, and the Plutus Application Backend (PAB).

Q: What is the Plutus Application Backend (PAB)?
A: The PAB is currently being developed and will execute the off-chain component of Plutus applications. It will manage application requests to the wallet backend and node, store the application state, and offer an HTTP API for managing application instances. The PAB is a wrapper for the command line interface (CLI).

Q: What happens behind the scenes when I compile my Haskell code in the Plutus Playground?
A: The Plutus Playground sends the Haskell code to the server and this Haskell code gets compiled on the server.

Q: Where can I find documentation on Plutus?
A: Here are some useful links:

Q: How do I set up an Alonzo testnet?
A: You can set up an Alonzo testnet to test the submission of transactions containing (simple) Plutus scripts. To do this, you need to start an Alonzo cluster either in Byron mode and then gradually transition to Alonzo, or directly in the selected era. For more details, see the instructions and sample Plutus script.

Q: What are the cost model parameters for Plutus?
A: There are various cost model parameters for Plutus scripts, all of which can be adjusted individually.

Q: What is the difference between wallets and UTXOs?
A: An UTXO contains value in ada or native tokens and it is stored in the blockchain, on the other hand, a wallet can contain zero or more UTXOs and can spend value from those UTXOs.

Q: What is the difference between off-chain and on-chain code?
A: Off chain code is where values are considered and changed outside of the blockchain, while on chain code means that transactions are verified and alter the state of the blockchain and ledger.

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