How to create a wallet

Difficulty: beginner


  • 📦 cardano-wallet >= v2020-03-11

The easiest and most common way of managing your funds on the Cardano blockchain is through a hierarchical-deterministic-wallets. You can create a wallet using the following endpoint of cardano-wallet:

POST /byron-wallets

There are several wallet types available:

  • Random

  • Icarus

  • Trezor

  • Ledger

The basic difference is that, for a random wallet, the user needs to create new address manually, whereas for sequential wallets -like icarus, trezor and ledger-, the addresses are generated automatically by the wallet.

DANGER: Note that random wallets are considered deprecated and should not be used by new applications.

Note also that a single cardano-wallet server can operate many wallets.

See more on HD wallets and addresses.