To add a new LaTeX specificationΒΆ

To add a new LaTeX specification, the easiest way is to copy from one of the existing specifications. You will want the Makefile and default.nix (say from the Shelley ledger spec).

  1. Copy these files into the root of your new LaTeX specification.

  2. Modify the DOCNAME in the Makefile.

  3. Update default.nix to:

    1. Make sure that the relative path in the first line is pointing to (default.nix)[./default.nix]. This is used to pin the nixpkgs version used to build the LaTeX specifications.

    2. Update the buildInputs to add in any LaTeX packages you need in your document, and remove any unneeded ones.

    3. Alter the meta description field to reflect the nature of this document.

  4. Add a link to the package at the bottom of default.nix, following the existing examples.

  5. To require that your specification be built in CI, add it at the end of the list in default.nix following the existing examples.