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Cardano Wallet helps you manage your Ada. You can use it to send and receive payments on the Cardano blockchain.

This project provides an HTTP Application Programming Interface (API) and command-line interface (CLI) for working with your wallet.

It can be used as a component of a frontend such as Daedalus, which provides a friendly user interface for wallets. Most users who would like to use Cardano should start with Daedalus.


This source code repository contains the next major version of Cardano Wallet, which has been completely rewritten for the Shelley phase.


The Byron version of Cardano Wallet is in the cardano-sl repository.

Getting Started

Fantastic! The server is up-and-running, waiting for HTTP requests on localhost:8090/v2 e.g.:

or to be accessed via CLI, e.g.:

See also Wiki - Docker for more information about using docker.

How to install (Linux / Windows / Mac OS)

See Installation Instructions for each available release.