Cardano SL Wallet Frontend

When developing Cardano SL, the need arose for a UI from which users could access their funds, send and receive transactions, and perform other tasks related to managing a personal cryptocurrency wallet. The Daedalus wallet is the Cardano’s solution to these necessities.

Currently, it allows a user to use their ADA in the aforementioned actions, and providing support for other currencies is planned for the near future — as is the exchange between different currencies, both digital and not.

Building Daedalus client API

To run Daedalus client API locally, you have to start cardano-sl with wallet API as follows.

Please make sure that you are in the root directory of cardano-sl repository. Also make sure you have npm program.

Running and testing Daedalus client API

In order to see Daedalus client API in action, first run a local Cardano SL network:

# run tmux in another window
$ tmux
# launch nodes
$ ./scripts/launch/

By default, this should launch Cardano SL network consisting of 3 nodes talking to each other. One node is running wallet API, and it will behave the same as Daedalus wallet that is run in production.

Notify websockets

We can test the websockets with a small utility application(npm install -g wscat):

> wscat -c ws://

connected (press CTRL+C to quit)

< {"tag":"ConnectionOpened"}

< {"tag":"NetworkDifficultyChanged","contents":{"getChainDifficulty":1}}
< {"tag":"LocalDifficultyChanged","contents":{"getChainDifficulty":1}}
< {"tag":"NetworkDifficultyChanged","contents":{"getChainDifficulty":2}}
< {"tag":"LocalDifficultyChanged","contents":{"getChainDifficulty":2}}
< {"tag":"NetworkDifficultyChanged","contents":{"getChainDifficulty":3}}
< {"tag":"LocalDifficultyChanged","contents":{"getChainDifficulty":3}}
< {"tag":"NetworkDifficultyChanged","contents":{"getChainDifficulty":4}}
< {"tag":"LocalDifficultyChanged","contents":{"getChainDifficulty":4}}

We should be seeing the same changes manually from here:

curl http://localhost:8090/api/settings/sync/progress

Account should be renamed into address. Please see an issue CSM-249 for details.

Wallet events

Aside from these HTTP endpoints, there is one unidirectional websocket channel opened from server to client, the notify endpoint.

This channel serves as a notification system so that Daedalus UI can be informed about events. Currently supported events are:

  • LocalDifficultyChanged - local blockchain height,
  • NetworkDifficultyChanged - global blockchain height,
  • UpdateAvailable - new system update available,
  • ConnectedPeersChanged - number of peers connected to the node changed,
  • ConnectionOpened - websocket connection opened,
  • ConnectionClosed - websocket connection closed.

As this channel is unidirectional, any message sent to the channel from the client will be ignored.