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Testnets faucet

Since Cardano testnets are independent networks, separate from the Cardano mainnet, they require their own tokens.

The faucet is a web-based service that provides test ada to users of the Cardano testnets. While these tokens have no 'real world' value, they enable users to experiment with Cardano testnet features, without having to spend real ada on the mainnet.

To request tokens using the faucet:

  1. Select the desired action type:
    • Enter the account address where you want to top up funds
    • Enter the pool ID in bech32 format (pool18ttg8k...a1c) where you want to delegate funds
  2. If you have been issued with an API key, please enter this to access any additional funds you may have been allocated
  3. Click Receive test ada
  4. Funds will be in the testnet account you specified within a few minutes.


If you're an SPO and wish to test stake pool operations on preview or pre-production testnets, you can request some test ada to be delegated to your pool. For this, choose the environment you're working in, and select 'receive pool delegation' from the action menu.

Preview Testnet
Receive test ADA

The address to send funds to

Optional API key to bypass rate limiting

When you have finished using your test tokens, please return them to the faucet so that other members of the community can use them. You can return your test tokens to the relevant address:

Pre-production faucet address: addr_test1vzpwq95z3xyum8vqndgdd9mdnmafh3djcxnc6jemlgdmswcve6tkw

Preview faucet address: addr_test1vqeux7xwusdju9dvsj8h7mca9aup2k439kfmwy773xxc2hcu7zy99