Plutus resources

This section aims to provide a simple way for users to find links to information and essential resources related to Plutus. This includes Plutus repositories, talks, documentation, community resources, training materials, example projects, and references to the Plutus Pioneer Program.

Plutus developer resources

Plutus Core

Plutus Core is the scripting language embedded in the Cardano ledger. It forms the basis of the Plutus Platform – an application development platform for developing decentralized applications (DApps) on the Cardano blockchain.

Developer resources:

  • Plutus Core GitHub repository: includes the implementation, specification, and mechanized metatheory of Plutus Core as well as Plutus Tx – the compiler from Haskell to Plutus Core.

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Plutus Tools

Plutus Tools is a collection of off-chain infrastructure resources built for external developers. The Plutus Tools SDK repository supports the necessary underlying resources for writing applications using Plutus in Haskell.

Plutus Tools also provide libraries for working with the Plutus Application Framework (PAF) – the off-chain part of the Plutus Platform that enables DApp development and interaction with smart contracts.

Developer resources:

  • Plutus Tools GitHub repository: includes libraries that implement the PAF, a selection of end-to-end use cases written with the PAF, and details about Plutus Playground.

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Official Haskell language server implementation

Haskell language server implementation is an implementation of a server for the Language Server Protocol (LSP). A language server talks to a client, who can ask the server to perform various operations, such as reporting errors or providing code completions.

Developer resources:

Haskell course

Plutus Core, Cardano’s scripting language, is written in Haskell. To use Plutus, it is essential to know the basics of Haskell. To help with the onboarding journey, IOG's education team created the Haskell course for beginners. You can find the repository with explainers, links to lectures, and more below.

Cardano node API documentation

Developer resources:

Plutus user documentation

This section includes references to Plutus user documentation such as explanations, tutorials, how-to guides, etc.


Plutus Pioneer Program

Plutus Pioneer community notes:

Plutus community resources

This section provides links to Plutus community resources.

If you are a community member engaged with Plutus development, please raise a pull request to add more relevant links and information.

Discussions & support:

Plutus tooling

There are different tools that developers can use to evaluate and deploy smart contracts on Cardano:

Environment setup

Windows Subsystem for Linux


Video content for developers

Blog posts about Plutus on IOHK blog

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