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Cardano tracking tools

Since Cardano is a public blockchain ledger, it is possible to easily track all recent transactions, block details, and epoch data using different tools.

Exploring transactions and blocks

Cardano Explorer

Cardano Explorer is a user-oriented tool that fetches data from the main database and reflects it in a straightforward and convenient web interface.

The explorer shows the latest epoch details. You can click the latest epoch and see:

  • a number of blocks produced during this epoch
  • time the epoch started
  • time of last produced block
  • number of processed transactions
  • total output in ada.

By choosing a specific block, you can explore it in more detail to see its ID, size, epoch and block details, number of included transactions and confirmations.

You can also search for specific epochs, transactions, or blocks by pasting their IDs in the search field.

Here are some other explorers to consider:

Exploring assets

Cardano supports multi-asset creation and management. To see a list of created assets and tokens, you can use these tools:

Exploring stake pools

To find a list of all registered stake pools, their tickers, pool names, and IDs, you can use these tools:


If you'd like to include additional references to ecosystem tracking tools, please submit a pull request.