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Operating a stake pool

Welcome to the stake pool operations section!

Here, you will find explanations about stake pools, operators, and owners, along with core concepts such as node connectivity, keys, operational certificates, metadata management, performance, and ranking.


Useful resources

Node detailsRelease notes, compatibility matrix, Cardano node repository, Cardano node video course (includes SPO explainers).
TestnetsCardano testnet environments, testnets faucet.
ToolsCardano ecosystem tools, community-built developer tools.
ExplorersAdaStat, Adatools, Cardanoscan, Cexplorer, Cardano Assets,, ADAtainment, Cardano PoolTool.
SPO alliancesGuild Operators: a group of well-known and experienced community members that provides information about guild tools that simplify various stake operations, Cardano Single Pool Alliance (SPA): a group of separate SPOs who have vowed to run a single stake pool for the sole purpose of providing the Cardano ecosystem with true decentralization, xSPO Alliance: a group of small SPOs that joined with a total live stake of less than one million ada each.
Communication channelsSPO Telegram announcements channel, IOG Technical Community Discord, support.